Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'
Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'

Improving Performance in Business and Risk Taking.

Risk Taker and Risk Specialist Profiling.

Coaching for Greater Perfromance and Capabiltiies.

Developing Business and Organisational Cultures for Greater Success

The biggest performance hurdles that people in the financial markets have to overcome, exist within themselves.

Chrysalis Performance Consulting - Developing people and businesses.

Chrysalis Performance Consulting are leaders in the field of ‘Performance Improvement’ for Traders, Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers. We work with some of the world’s leading Hedge Funds, Asset Management Firms, Commodity Trading Businesses and Investment Banks, with clients across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Our work helps make a real difference to financial market businesses and their key risk-takers, leaders and managers. Our work also takes us beyond the financial market arena and into other fields and domains where we are able to help businesses and their people, Including non-financial market commercial organisations and SMEs.  


Gaining an Edge through Coaching.

Our skilled coaches are able to help take people forward, supporting them to ‘sharpen their edge’ through leveraging their personal strengths to affect improved trading and business performance and enhanced leadership and management skills.  Central to this is a strong focus on enhancing the internal relationship between the emotional and intellectual aspects of trading and work, thus facilitating better quality decision-making, improved behaviours and enhanced confidence and greater self-belief, whilst working to alleviate some of the negative traits which hold people back and undermine trading and working performance.


Developing a Winning and Ethical Culture.

Great businesses and strong organisational cultures usually go hand in hand, likewise an ethical culture fosters a strong relationship between the business, its shareholders, its employees, its customers, and the society that business or organisation serves. We work directly with businesses in helping them change and cultivate a strong and ethical culture. We also partner with a leading consultancy in the field of cultural change who can provide a high level of expertise in this area, which allied to our knowledge and experience of the financial market environment leads to delivery of real and meaningful change.

Download and Read our New Paper on Investment Banking Culture.

Investment Bank Culture Under the Microscope
This paper offers a re-appraisal of perspectives on cultural change in banking, from the current view where it is largely seen as addressing something which is broken, to instead being viewed as a powerful enabler and a force for the better.
Bank Culture Paper - Chrysalis PC. Revis[...]
.pdf File [2.2 MB]

Our Online E-Brochure : Available for download.

The e-brochure contains a summary of the services and offerings we are delighted to provide to our clients, as well as clients testimonials, articles and case-studies. Please feel free to flip through or download the brochure.

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