Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'
Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'

Cultural and Behavioural Change for Trading, Investment and Fund Management Businesses.

Investment Bank Culture - Under the Microscope
This paper offers a re-appraisal of perspectives on cultural change, from the current view where it is largely seen as addressing something which is broken, to instead being viewed as a powerful enabler and a force for the better.
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The last few years have been a challenging times for banks, their owners, and their people. As well as the aftermath of the economic crisis, and continued difficult business conditions, banks have had to deal with a whole host of crises and challenges, some self-inflicted, some imposed from outside, and others as a result of the need to adapt and change. These include:

  • A continuing run of bank fixing scandals, misselling sagas and other poor behaviours.
  • Huge fines and penalties which banks have had to pay as a result of these and previous indiscretions.
  • A welterweight of new rules and regulations which has, and continues to have, a huge impact on business.
  • The huge cost and burden of meeting the strict new rules and regulations to enable banks to continue to do business in a compliant manner.
  • A requirement to change and develop new cultures and codes of conduct from supervisory and oversight authorities.
  • A shift in emphasis away from generating income from their own account to generating a greater proportion of income from clients and customer interactions, as laid down by supervisors.   
  • Adapting to new ways of doing business in line with new strategic models and approaches, as well as meeting the challenges imposed by new technology.
  • Finally the need to regain the trust of clients, customers and the public.


Many businesses have been implementing strategies for cultural change with a strong emphasis on promoting news values, ethics, standards of behaviour and conduct. At Chrysalis we understand the mindset, behaviours and environment of the front office, the people who work there and the challenges they and their business's face. Through our work we are able to help businesses devise and implement strategies to make change within the business and to make it effective amongst leaders and the business's key people. We also work with banks to help deliver change through a number of initiatives, including facilitation, team coaching, executive and performance coaching.

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