Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'
Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'

Improving Performance and Behaviour: The New Frontier in Trading & Fund Management

It is increasingly recognised that the ability to successfully monetise risk is to a high degree based on a people’s behavioural characteristics. Working on developing and enhancing people's behavioural and emotional skills is a relatively new frontier, however it echoes advances made in other performance fields such as sports, business leadership, medicine and the military where development of emotional capabilities converts to enhanced intellectual capabilities and improved performance.


At Chrysalis, we see Performance Improvement as a key factor contributing towards achieving greater success. Performance Improvement largely involves working on the development of the non-technical and intangible aspects of trading. The rise of behavioural finance in recent years has shone a bright light on the intangible aspects of human behaviour, and on how our natural tendencies, both learned and innate, conspire to limit and undermine our ability to perform to our full potential.

Some of the areas we work on with people include:

  •   Raising self-awareness around behaviours and actions.
  •   Improving the quality of decision-making.
  •   Develop excellence in the performance aspects of trading.
  •   Enhancing the management and regulation of emotions.
  •   Developing greater resilience to cope with the stress and anxiety of trading.
  •   Improving focus, concentration, discipline and self-control.
  •   Helping to overcome behavioural tendencies and trading biases.
  •   Improving how people engage with and relate to the market.

Ultimately we look to help people to develop the vital ingredients needed for success in their work, confidence and self-belief base in real ability and capability.

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