Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'
Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'

Cultivating the Mindset for Success in Trading & Fund Management

Group coaching is done by telephone conference. The groups are coached on a weekly basis for 50 minutes per call (40 times a year). Each group consists of people of all ages but with the same goal. The commitment is open-ended in the same manner as individual coaching. Some advantages of group coaching are the creation of a support system, deep self-awareness, a safe environment for experiments, multiple perspectives and passive learning.  Participants focus on important goals and the best way to achieve them.

"Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds." - Albert Einstein.

Trading is one of the most demanding challenges from both a psychological, behavioural and emotional perspective. The difference between success and failure can and often will be largely depend on a person’s mindset. Developing the appropriate mindset and behaviours, and mastering one’s emotions are key aspects of successful traders. At Chrysalis we work with people in the financial markets to help them cultivate a strong and powerful mindset that is focused on winning and success. We help people to develop their thinking, adopting the appropriate thinking for risky environments, and fostering the behaviours which lead to success in their actions

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