Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'
Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'

Developing Trading and Investment Risk Intelligence

'A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers': - Plato.

Trading and fund management constantly requires one to place themselves at risk, putting both one's capital and one's reputation on the line. The ability to make high quality decisions in high risk, fast-moving and highly volatile environment is an imperative. However with so much to lose, the ability to remain rational, and logical are often compromised by the interference of emotional impulses and urges.


At Chrysalis we work with people to help create an approach which lays a foundation for improved trading and investment performance. Through our coaching and interaction with our clients we help to foster a way of working which helps lead to improved clarity of thought, greater objectivity and thus better quality perception, judgments, decisions and actions.

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