Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'
Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'

On Boarding new Team Members and Managers

Our on-boarding coaching and support, aims to help assist new hires and managers assimilate into a new business or different role where the culture, working processes and risk practices are different and where there is high level of expectations and demands placed upon them.


This service is particularly valuable in helping a new manager settle into a business, or where people are transitioning from investment banking or fund management to join the higher risk world of hedge-funds where the risk and working culture can be significantly different.


On-boarding can help smooth a transition and thus increase the likelihood of success for both the individual and the business they are joining. Where an individual gets off to a poor start, particularly in a risk environment, this can make it much harder to adapt emotionally, especially when one is used to working in a different style with different organizational expectations, different risk regimes and a different set of personalities and characters around them. Our experience over many years have seen how this aspect, insufficiently handled, can lead to problems, including loss of effectiveness of the new hire, poor performance from the team that hire is joining, and therefore a drain on the effectiveness of the business and the organization. The on-boarding coaching helps the individual settle into the new organization more rapidly and with less delay, without the difficulties that starting on the wrong foot can bring.

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