Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'
Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'

Trading Psychology and Behaviour Course.

Course Objectives


The main objectives of the course is to provide participants involved in trading, investment and risk-taking activities with greater knowledge of the psychological, behavioural and emotional drivers of risk-taking. The course also aims to provide participants with behavioural tools, processes and practices which can help facilitate greater success in their work in order to help enhance returns on their risk-taking activities.


The course achieves this by helping people to deepen and develop their understanding of:

  • How unconscious factors and psychological, behavioural and emotional aspects of trading affect rational decision-making, perception and reasoning skills.
  • The unconscious drivers of trading behaviour; emotional hijack, cognitive biases, cognitive limitations, and other natural human traits which work for and against people in risky and uncertain environments.
  • How human behaviours and psychology affects markets.
  • The key human and behavioural traits of successful traders and investors.
  • How people become can more aware of themselves and where their own limitations and blindnesses may exist.
  • Tools, practices and behaviours that traders can adopt to help them shift the probability of positive expectancy in their favour.

This course is ideally aimed at experienced traders and active investors who understand and recognise many of the topics and subjects discussed and could apply them to their own trading and experience.


This course is also an ideal accompaniment to participants in the ‘Trader Performance Coaching Programme’. Participants to this course should possess at least a few years’ experience of trading and investment practice or comparable equivalent working knowledge of trading and risk. Participants would also be expected to have a strong interest in developing their knowledge, understanding and awareness of the behavioural, psychological and emotional factors which affect people trading perceptions, judgements and decisions.


The maximum group size is 20, though the course may be run with as few as 8 participants. The course can be delivered in-house or at external locations. The main course is held over 2 days, however the course can be modified or structured to fit in with the working demands and requirements of participants and businesses.

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