Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'
Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'

Trader & Active Investor Performance Coaching

Trading and Active Investing are high performance activities, they share a number of attributes common to other high performance activities: The external battle against an opponent or rival, in this case the markets; the internal battle against one’s self; plus the constant pressure from interaction with the broader environment.


Our ‘Performance Improvement Coaching Programme’ helps traders and active investors to succeed in the external battle against the markets, by focusing on and winning the internal battle against one’s self, whilst learning to exist and thrive within the complex and uncertain environment they face. Through the coaching we look to help people by holding up a virtual mirror to themselves, so that they can become more self-aware, we then look to help them to improve and enhance their practice and to develop more optimal behaviours as risk-takers.

Through our coaching work we aim to help people overcome their own particular challenges, whilst firing up their motivation, and helping them to develop greater confidence and self-belief. We also look to help them become more aware of the natural and learned aspects of human behaviour which both help and hinder their work and effect their decision-making, whilst all the time aiming to help them improve how they manage the critical balance between the rational and emotional aspects of risk-taking.

Some of the Many Benefits Identified Include:

  • Improved P&L performance in excess of targets and relative to peers.
  • Improved confidence levels in individuals and within the team leading to higher revenues.
  • Enhanced relationships between businesses and teams. – Sales, Trading & Research, Quants & Trading, Fund Managers and Execution Traders, Teams located in differing centres.
  • Individuals are more manageable: More positive/less changeable behaviours – More able to cope with job related volatility.
  • Enhanced understanding of and individual’s behaviour and finding strategies to adjust and overcome personal barriers: Reduction of negative issues: E.g. ‘Fear of Missing Out’, ‘Seeking Perfection’, ’Trading P&L’, ‘Overtrading’, Etc.
  • Improved managerial/leadership performance within trading and investment businesses.
  • Able to address other factors affecting performance, such as changed family and life circumstances.
  • Identification of market movements and individual’s comfort levels on risk and how to adjust to change.
  • Greater awareness of the importance of “team” and knowing everyone’s thoughts and directions.
  • Breaking down goals into achievable objectives and identifying what motivates one to do well.
  • The opportunity to discuss issues with an impartial listener.


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