Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'
Unleash the Potential within your 'Human Capital'

Client Testimonials

Names and companies have been removed for confidentiality purposes, however individuals concerned have agreed to confirm authenticity if required.

“Chrysalis’s Coach Steve has the ability to build rapport swiftly and has the instinct to pick up the underlying, often unspoken, issues that a trader faces. Steve is also focused on staying on course and keeping the trader accountable once an opportunity for improvement is identified. While volumes of theories are readily available through books or online resources; Steve’s bespoke coaching provides an added crucial element of mirroring back areas which self-reflection easily misses. After the coaching, I find myself being more mindful of my trading behaviour and gain a sustainable benefit of being mentally disciplined.”

Head of FX Trading, Asian FX Markets – – Tier 1 US Investment Bank Hong Kong


"The coaching that Steve has offered my staff is quite unique. Most training that trading staff can access or are offered is usually fairly generic and tends to be product related. What Steve achieves is to dig into the inner self of the individual to determine some of the previously unidentifiable inhibitions that prevent a trader from their potential. This can offer some powerful reality checks that hopefully then become part of the individual’s everyday do's and don'ts.”

Global Head of FX Trading, Australian Bank.


“There are perhaps too many general management courses on offer, but as traders – we require a different approach. Chrysalis offer just that. Their knowledge and experience as a risk-takers from various institutions, coupled with the insights and interest in the psychology of trading is inspirational, valuable and refreshing. Perhaps the broader topics covered can be referred to as common sense for someone interested in psychology, but they manage to put it into simple and more importantly, a practical context. It is remarkable how little mental training is provided in our area compared to other performance related professions – Steven certainly helped me in creating a mental framework in order to optimising my trading performance. We now have more than a dozen risk-takers going through their programme. I can highly recommend it!”

Chief Dealer – FX Trading - Swedish Bank - Stockholm.


“Working with Chrysalis has been a leap of faith for me. I’ve had no expectations and ended up in a program almost by accident but it’s been a wonderful learning experience. Steve brings a measured dose of calm and sense into a pressure packed environment. He is skilful in allowing you to express yourself but disciplined enough to always keep you aimed towards the end goal of making you a better professional. Whether it’s input on trading techniques or philosophy of how to approach career management Steve has broad enough knowledge to cover all the bases. Thanks again Steve.”

Senior Options Trader – Exotic FX – Tier 1 US Investment Bank Hong Kong


“We have had the pleasure to work with Chrysalis within our trading organization on a broad cross-assets coaching programme. All traders have very different challenges within their trading and they have very skilfully managed to find the unique obstacles and individually worked with the traders to help them.

Our main objective with the coaching is of course to increase our revenues, but this comes with various positive side effects among staff as better well-being, increased self-awareness and more positive energy. This has given a positive boost to our whole organization.”

Head of Markets – FX, FI, Equities, Trading and Sales – Swedish Bank - Stockholm.


“After having spent several one-on-one sessions with Steve, I was able to help push my career in a more positive direction. After years of frustration with bank politics and suffering from a ‘lack of direction’, Steve helped me focus on my strengths and address my weaknesses so that I could project a more positive image as well as learning to enjoy my job again. Steve really helped discover the areas where I could add value and leveraged those qualities to make the most out of my contributions to work life and as such gain better recognition for my efforts in my job. Steve’s excellent understanding of the sales and trading workplace meant that we were able to identify and solve problems that other coaches just wouldn’t be able to appreciate.”

Head of G10 FX Options Trading – – Tier 1 US Investment Bank Hong Kong


“I found the trader coaching programme very useful. Steven is a good listener and pinpointed my weaker spots and made me aware of how to improve my trading mindset. Steven’s advice and coaching has made me even more determined and structured in my trading. The programme has clearly enhanced my mindset and given me useful insight into my own trading behaviour. In my role as desk head this coaching programme has also improved my own coaching of traders on my desk.”

Head of Credit Trading – Swedish Bank - Stockholm.


“Instantly, Steve was somebody you could warm to. He was able to gain my trust within the first session which was critical for the training to be effective. For me, this programme was invaluable. It helped me identify my key strengths as a trader, and individual. It has helped me realise within a trading role, you’re not going to get it right and make money every day. When at a low ebb, Steve has given me the mental tools to deal with this and turn it around, not letting negativity set in.

Would I recommend this course to others? Without doubt. Steve, having been a trader for many years, understands the role and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it. He has an inapt ability to pick up on issues you never realised you had in the first place, and in turn address the core areas which you may not have at all been focusing on.”

Senior STIRT Trader – Tier 1 European Investment Bank London.


“Having just finished a course of coaching with Chrysalis, I believe that formalised coaching should be part of each trader’s development. I found working through my thought processes and biases I have been able to develop a framework to help limit the negative impact of emotional responses to events. Specifically the coaching helped me to look objectively at both profits and losses and make decisions based upon this objectivity – a tool integral to a successful trading career. The one to one sessions were particularly helpful – especially when the right coach is in place. Receiving an honest and open evaluation from a trusted and independent source, and also help in developing tools to combat the deficiencies, has been invaluable to me this year.”

Currency Swaps Trader – Tier 1 European Investment Bank London.


“I was fortunate enough to have a number of 1 on 1 coaching sessions over a period of 12 months. In that time span, the coaching taught to me look introspectively into my trading. I was able to highlight some repetitive bad habits that were interfering with my trading. It also taught me how to play to my strengths and always keep my on the ball and the goals that I had and to block out the noise that every trader encounters. I learnt to always play to my strengths and be confident in my own abilities and what I can do. Anyone who has a keen interest in evolving as a trader should speak to Chrysalis, you will be better for it!”

Senior Rates and FX Trader – Canadian Investment Bank, London.


“I found the Trader Coaching Programme immensely valuable. It really helped me break through the psychological issues that hinder my trading performance to build a more professional trading mindset. The coaching programme helped provide what no book or off the shelf trading system could: the answers to how I could improve my trading mindset. Under Steve’s tailored guidance, my trading performance has steadily improved as I have learned to build on my personal strengths to help determine my own successful trading niche: brilliant!”

Prop Trader Rates, FX, Equity Indices, Private Hedge Fund London.


"I have found Steven’s methods very useful in performing a critical assessment of my trading strengths and weaknesses. His method requires an active dialogue with him and yourself which as difficult as that can be is extremely rewarding. The results have all been tangible as I can transfer my enthusiasm for the markets into my trading and businesses without any doubts over my approach and/or mind-set."

Latam Fixed income Trader, Canadian Investment Bank, London.


“I have been trading continuously for over 40 years. I have run trading rooms, coached new traders and helped experienced traders who are having a difficult time. It was therefore an anathema to me when my son recommended that I considered a trading coach. However on reflection I considered why my son was giving me this advice. Probable over the last ten years, my performance had been below par but I was unsure if a trading coach was the way forward.   Coincidentally a friend of mine was in discussion with Steve and introduced us. I approached the course with an open mind not quite knowing what to expect.

There has been no clap of thunder or flash of lightning but a good solid common sense approach by Steve that has put me back on the right road. I feel confident and have already seen a positive impact to my trading. I am looking forward to the next few months trading and I feel sure my results will improve dramatically.”

Private Trader, Formerly Managed Hedge Fund & Major US Bank dealing room.


“In a world of dull and dry business advice and books, Steve shines through. His obvious passion and commitment towards a project is second to none. It was a pleasure working together – and no one has identified my 'Blind spots' quite like Steve. I would urge anyone who is looking for inspiration and answers along with professional, dedicated advice to pick up the phone to Steve.”

Senior Broker Hedge Fund Desk - Futures and Options - Brokerage firm London.


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